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Updated April 8, 2005

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Powerful, Emotional Writings
that aid Child Abuse Recovery

by a Survivor in Recovery since the 80's.

How does child abuse affect us, and how do we get better?

What does the Recovery Process look like "When Past and Present Meet"?

Find out What is an Inner Child.

In your Recovery, are you badgered by others to hurry up and forgive?

Special Note: My wife and I moved from Northern Maine to the Lowcountry of South Carolina in the Spring of 2003; hence the name change from Downeast Maine Survivors to Lowcountry Survivors. We hope this won't cause any confusion. Both of us have changed significantly in the past few years. Things that we thought impossible before have become part of our lives in the present. We never cease to be suprised, nor do we stop growing. Old fears slip away, and newer more useful attitudes take hold in both of us. Not only has it become easier to be responsible adults, but it is easier to allow that playful child within us the freedom that should have been provided from the very beginning.

"I have a voice inside of me.  This "voice" sometimes cries out to be heard, but doesn't have the words to adequately describe feelings of loss, outrage, despair, or sadness.  No one listened to this voice for over thirty years.  It is the voice of a child;  the voice of the lost self. ...The "voice" within me, the voice of the child within me, is not a voice of authority.  It is the voice of experience.  It is the voice of a child who's been there, and survived against impossible odds." - Ken Scully (October 17, 1989)


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