Survivors' Links & Contacts


Local Crisis Numbers

    Domestic Violence                        1-800-432-7303
    Mental Health                               1-800-245-8889
    Youth Crisis Stabilization               1-800-499-9130
    Adult & Child Abuse or Neglect     1-800-452-1999
    Phone Help                                  1-800-245-8889

    Sexual Assault Services (Machias)     1-800-228-2470
    Downeast Sexual Assault Services     1-800-492-5550

    Womankind (Machias)        255-4785
    Next Step (Ellsworth)          1-800-315-5579

    Dept. Human Services (Machias)              255-8641
    Washington County Children's Program     255-3426
    Sunrise County Children's Task Force       255-8168


Links for Survivors

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***Honorable Mention***

Pandora's  Box:    The  Secrecy  of  Child  Sexual  Abuse

  • Sexual abuse research, articles, statistics, legal issues, prevention resources, updates, news, alerts, and advocacy. Guides for advocating for our children, and an extensive section devoted to ways you can "Help !! the Children." ~ Dr. Faulkner.



    SOC-UM:    Safeguarding  Our  Children  -  United  Mothers

  • Sexual abuse prevention education, on-line newsletter, prevention resources, advocacy, and abuse indicators.



    Kim's  Safe  Place

  • "Take The Power Back" ~ A place of healing awareness and prevention. Kim, a survivor of sexual abuse, tells her personal story of going from victim to survivor, ~ in hopes of educating society that child abuse does happen.



    The  Yellow  Brick   ~   Nursing  Site

  • This site is designed to assist the nursing/medical community locate sites related to specialty issues. Be sure to see our Pediatric page on child abuse.



    Children  Are  Worth  Saving

  • "Creating abuse awareness, education, recognition, prevention & intervention, ~ because children's health and well being are our # 1 priority!" Also includes: Safety tips; advocacy; and information on sexual abuse, predators, and pornography.



    Child  Sexual  Abuse:    A  Parent's Perspective

  • Parents as Secondary Victims:  This site contains an article about a parent's experience of dealing with her five year old son's disclose of sexual abuse. It is intended to help other parents know that they are not alone in their suffering.



    Amnesty  for  Kids

  • Grassroots organization and Newsletter to lobby for children's rights throughout the world.



    "Polly's  Dad"   ~   Klaas  Kids   ~   Klaas  Foundation  for  Children

  • The Klaas Foundation for Children is dedicated to the memory of Polly Klaas. The Foundation's purpose is to inform parents, children, and communities about how to prevent crimes against children. Founded by Marc Klaas.



    Franciscan  Peacemakers

  • A street ministry for neglected children, gangs, homeless, and for women who are involved in prostitution either to support their own drug habits and/or to support their children, ~ and for the children of these women.



    Hell Is Truth Seen Too Late

  • "Hell has ways of cleverly colliding upon the innocent; once touched, you're contaminated forever" ~ Laverne.



    Susan  Smiles   ~   Surviving  Childhood  Sexual  Abuse

  • A safe environment for adult survivors of child sexual abuse to receive encouragement, helpful resources, and become active in advocating for our children.



    Children's  Rights  Advocacy

  • Theme of children slipping through the cracks of the child protection system. Links to other child abuse organizations and legal information. Referrals to self help and related information.



    Missing  Children's  Homepage

  • Child safety tips, abuse indicators, what to do if your child is missing, photos of missing kids, and more!



    Protest  Quebec's Failure  to  Protect   Sexually  Abused  Children

  • An informational and advocacy page to prompt the Quebec government to adequately protect sexually abused children, ~ and a mother's plea for help to protect her child from the negligence of the Swedish government.



    Kate's  Corner   ~   For  the  Love  of  a  Child

  • "My personal search for a lost childhood and my continuing journey toward healing. Dedicated to my sister, who was not a survivor: May there be no more children like Claire."



    Still Waters  Run  Deep

  • Dedicated to survivors of childhood sexual abuse: Letters and passages of survival, comfort, and encouragement; online forum for survivors and caring others; Survivor Chat; personal accounts; email support group; helpful links; and a plea to everyone to "Stop the Silence!"



    Our  Little  Darlings

  • Information on missing children: Crime report updates on persons "WANTED" for crimes against children ~ "We need everyone's help to bring these predators to justice." Randal Hanna's personal story of abuse.



    Harl's  Police  Page

  • Harl Boyce has been a police officer with the Richmond Indiana Police Dpt. for 18 years. He co-produces a local cable access show called "Cuffs," in which wanted criminals are profiled. "Our capture rate is currently 75% of those we profile."



    Abuse / Incest   Support   ~   at  the  Mining  Company

  • For and about survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, rape, and other abuse. Resources, weekly features on legal, political and recovery issues, and more.



    (Survivors  of  Educator  Sexual  Abuse  &  Misconduct  Emerge)

  • Educator Sexual Abuse:  Abuse by teachers & other school employees. Sexual abuse in schools IS a problem! SESAME is a confidential information and support network for educator sexual abuse survivors (and their friends & families).



    Country  Sings  Out  for  Child  Protection

  • Country music artists sing out for the protection of our children. Artists are creating/donating original compositions regarding our most precious assets, ~ our children. It is our hope to heighten awareness and gain more support from the media, police, government and citizens.



    Committed to Heal

  • Site has links to other sites that deal in sexual, physical and mental abuse. A chatroom to join and a messageboard to leave your thoughts. Other links on the site to places to help stop the child abuse and for awareness of abuse.



    Children  of  the  Secret

  • Fighting child exploitation on the internet. Raising public awareness for child protection and assisting in the fight against child exploitation and abuse.



    Rachel's Other Page

  • Authored by a teen survivor of abuse. Definitely a "must see" website. Rachel's personal writings & poetry, -- and child abuse resources developed by her Mom, who passed away in 1996. You will never be the same after reading Rachel's pages.

  • The Wounded Healer 
  • Reid Albee's Home Page 
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