Star Child

ĎScuse me, I donít mean to bother you, but-
do you know where I can find my star?
You know, the one folks talk about
when they say you can look up at the sky
        and know the right way to go.
Iím looking for my star, because
        I am so small
        and the world is so big.
Iím an explorer, learning the world
but you know lots, and you can see higher up
so I know you can point out a star just for me.
If you will, I promise:
Iíll follow its light
        with all my heart
        and all the days of my life.
I already know about things that glitter
        but really donít shine,
        broken bottles that shatter dreams.
        I know there are shadows, not light,
        in booze and drugs and other lies.
If my star hears me crying, it will help me find:
        a warm place to sleep,
        shoes that donít hurt my feet,
        clothes that fit, in rainbow colors,
        (can I have yellow, just once?)
        a safe place to rest, and -oh!-
        food! Good food every single day.
And most of all, if I find my star
Iíll find someone to love me.
        I hurt where they hit me
        am I as bad as they say?
Someone once told me the angels put a star
in every childís eyes, to help us look up to the sky,
so we can find a guidestar, to be ours forever.
Thatís why I picked you to talk to:
        I looked in your eyes
        and I saw your star shine.
So please, look in my eyes
        and tell me
Does my star still shine?


Copyright 1992 by Patricia Phillips, for the Childrenís Home Society of Rockledge, FL. 

 Please notify author and obtain permission before posting or circulatingóshe likes to know where her starís light may go!

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Many thanks to Patricia Phillips for permission to use this very powerful poem!
                                                         -Ken Scully