Dear Little Kenny,
     You are such a good little boy!  It's OK to believe that!  You really are!  I'm not just saying that!  It wasn't right, that They never told you how precious you are!  They made you grow up without the steady diet of Love that you needed in order to survive and grow!  You deserved that Love!  You deserve that now!  You really are a very special gifted little boy!  It's OK to accept Love and attention into your life now!  It's OK to be loved and nurtured now, with the right people!  When another person is SAFE, and offers to nurture you, good things can happen, when you say yes, and allow them to nurture you.  The more that you allow other people to love and nurture you, the more you will be able to do the same for others - and I remember lot's of times, when you were worried about not being loving enough!  I know, that part of that came from being told you that you were unloving, but you also felt unloving because They refused to give you the Love and attention that you needed in order to be able to have some to give to others!   Remember, when you were 6 or 7, and you went to day camp at Lakeview Park?  There was a sleep-over in tents on Friday night, and we had such an awful scary thunderstorm, and it just poured all night!  And do you remember that camp counselor who came over to the tent, and held your head in her lap, and stroked your forehead until you calmed down?  That felt good, didn't it?  She didn't hurt you, did she?  She was SAFE!  She loved you, and nurtured you, and didn't hurt you, didn't call you names, or expect anything from you!  And probabley because of her, at least in part, you are here today.  She was one person who gave you Love, that really was Love.  That's what SAFE people do, they give Love, that really is Love!  And they help other people to do the same, just by loving them, and expecting nothing in return!  So, whenever you're ready, you let somebody nurture you, somebody who is SAFE, and let some of that Love in!
© 1996 Ken Scully
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