My name is Ken Scully. This space is dedicated to those of you who would advocate for children, and for the child within you, who needs to be heard, believed and cherished. We need to stick together in our advocacy efforts. There is so much intimidation "out there", when we try to advocate for our children. The very forces which try to crush the spirit and power out of our children, often work to do the same to the child within ourselves, when we openly take a stand for our children's rights. This is especially apparent when we challenge abuse in any institution or organization (churches, schools, government agencies, etc). I have been very frustrated by the lack of empathy that I often see in those people who have great influence when it comes to making policy (politicians, advisors, "experts"). I see very little input by survivors, input that is taken seriously, that is. We are often branded as hotheads, meddlers, attention getters, or over-reactive because of our own histories. But who would know better how we should, and should not treat our children, than those who had to suffer through years of abuse themselves?!!! Our Voice is our power. Our Voice was taken away when we were abused as children. Now that as survivors we have reclaimed our Voice, we must support each other in our brave attempts to continue to use that Voice! When we listen to this Voice inside ourselves, we know that it is the Voice of a child, who has never given up the fight to be heard! Enjoy the site. Be Safe when you read some of the articles here, they carry a lot of emotional impact, and may be triggering. 

                                                              Ken Scully

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