Friends in Recovery Guidelines
  • I will strive to empathize, rather than strategize.  Advice is appropriate  when it is asked for.  Support is usually better than  advice.  
  • I will respect another's process, never trying to hurry them along, or telling them to forgive before they are ready to.  Each survivor has their own process and timing.  
  • Although I may at times make references to my own spirituality and beliefs, I will at all times strive to allow others to have theirs, respecting that others may be hurt, feel wrong, bad, or less than, when confronted about their own beliefs.  
  • If someone tells me that they are going to hurt someone else, or themselves, I will use my best judgement, but I will also contact the  appropriate authorities if I believe there is danger of the threat being carried out.  I will also strive to get a commitment that they will not carry out the threat for 24 hours.  
  •  I will strive to get my needs met outside of my work in Friends in Recovery.