From the Heart: 

Giving a voice back to the Child

Please Note!
    Our descriptions of events and the associated feelings may be triggering!  I believe it is important that the Truth be told this way, and I would encourage you to read these creative and powerful pieces,  but I respect each person's right to choose what and when they are going to process!   Please be safe when you read these! 

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

    Our  most magical moments are those in which we see the world Through the Eyes of a Child

    One of the ways that I can show the child in me that I really do care, is to advocate for other children "out there". I have found that one of my gifts is writing, and I use that gift to add my Voice to other's in the newsmedia. Here are a few examples: 
    Call to ActionKeep Speaking Out

    Please read this deeply personal statement about stopping violence in our families.

Survivor Creative Writing


    Children seem to always get in trouble when they're having fun.  Please read Tricycle Marathon


    Children from violent homes end up being mixed up about what is love, and what is not.  Here's a conversation about "Real Love".


    Sometimes, the collective voice is the most profound!
    Please read We the Children.


    There must be some happy endings, (or so my inner 
    "kid" believes!)
    Please read the Forever Tree, to warm your heart!

Survivor Poetry

    Star Child by Patricia Phillips. A powerful poem about our birthright, and our search to reclaim it. 

    I really started to gain empathy for the child I was, and to regain access to long buried feelings with this poem. Being alone with the abuse, is one of the worst things for a child! Wounded and Waiting


    Only Love, a poem that will warm your heart!

Survivor Reference, etc.

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