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Last Updated on May 26, 1998
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Downeast Maine
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   Eyes of a Child Message Board!, a safe place 
to post for adult survivors of child abuse. 
       Before going any further, please read this deeply moving piece:  "Break the Silence, Break the Cycle" 
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Creative Writings, from the Heart
Please Note!
    My descriptions of events and the associated feelings may be triggering!  I believe it is important that the Truth be told this way, and I would encourage you to read these creative and powerful pieces,  but I respect each person's right to choose what and when they are going to process!   Please be safe when you read these! 
Survivor Creative 
Friends in Recovery:  Network with other survivors, find a RecoveryBuddy 

Local Crisis Numbers

    Domestic Violence                        1-800-432-7303 
    Mental Health                               1-800-245-8889 
    Youth Crisis Stabilization               1-800-499-9130 
    Adult & Child Abuse or Neglect     1-800-452-1999 
    Phone Help                                  1-800-245-8889 

    Sexual Assault Services (Machias)     1-800-228-2470 
    Downeast Sexual Assault Services     1-800-492-5550 

    Womankind (Machias)        255-4785 
    Next Step (Ellsworth)          1-800-315-5579 

    Dept. Human Services (Machias)              255-8641 
    Washington County Children's Program     255-3426 
    Sunrise County Children's Task Force       255-8168 

I'd like you to visit Susan's site. She's my fiance, and we met through our work on the net!
   Self awareness, open expression of emotions, safety, mutual respect, 
   especially respect of the child by the adult, freedom, emotional 
   connection while allowing for privacy of person, thought, and feeling,  
   and dominion over one's own body, these are a child's birthright! 
If you have comments or suggestions, or if you are from the 
    Downeast area of Maine, and would like to join us, email me at   
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